COURSE "stylish braids"

COURSES "Stylish braids"

The course "stylish braids"

Leading the course: Olga Dipri - hairdresser, stylist haircuts.

Duration: 3 sessions of 3 hours each.

Classes are held in small groups of 3-6 people.

Do you like pigtails, a variety of weaving, ears? Do you want to learn how to braid hair in a stylish braids themselves or their clients? Modern weaving allow us to look great as a business meeting or at a party. And if you have a daughter - a course for you. Carefully braided hair will not interfere with the lessons, and will please you both. All of weaving practiced on mannequins-head with natural hair length of 50-55 cm on the training course is designed hairstyles from scratch.

In class you will learn:

  • means dividing the hair into zones
  • the direction of weave braid, shape, style
  • variety of stylish woven braids
  • symmetry and asymmetry in the weaving
  • Fashionable weave 2012

You will learn:

  • weaving braids of 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 strands - development of
  • Classic ear - training
  • French braid - working
  • French braid with a pickup - training
  • pigtail with elongated strands - development of
  • braid strands with volume - training
  • nodes of the 2 strands - development of
  • bundles of the first 2 strands - development of
  • bundles with a pickup - training

At the time of training provided by:

  • mannequin-head with natural hair length of 50-55 cm, combs, hairpins, stealth, erasers, hair spray.

In order to start the course, you must have a notebook and pen for notes.

After completing the course you are given the author's certificate.
Price: 900 UAH.
Payment: 100% prepayment.

Address: Ave Grigorenko, 39B, "Workshop Olga Dipri"
Tel. for the record: 050-3-566-663, 067-3-067-322, 044-3-626-910



+ 38 068 282 07 78

с 10:00 до 20:00




м. Вокзальная, 

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+ 38 068 282 07 78