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When you need to be recorded?

When you have decided on the date and filed an application to the registrar, it is advisable to call and clarify whether the desired time is free.

What you need to enroll in her hair?

On the phone you can pre-register. Final booking date and time is after making the deposit.

Do I need a pre-rehearsal?

If you have not decided on the way you want and do not know what more you go and what kind of hairstyle is still worthy to adorn you in such a solemn day, it is desirable to test the options to try on a few favorite hairstyles.

When is it best to do a rehearsal?

I advise you to conduct a rehearsal of not earlier than two weeks before the wedding. If you're at the stage of choosing a hairdresser - at any time.

What to take with a rehearsal?

All you had to buy - veil, tiara, or perhaps any other decoration. Preferably you should have photos of dresses (in a mobile phone). And also, if you wish, for Cameras, so you can show at a rehearsal hairstyle chosen friends or relatives.



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