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Olga, thank you for abaldenneshuyu wedding hair! Hairstyle not only created a furor among the guests, but also among friends when looking wedding photos. and last but not least, good hair lasted until the end of the feast, stood a photo session in the park and could even show off her calm and the next day. you simply magical hands!


Olga, Hello! It says to you, Svetlana. I do not know, do you remember me .... I have a wedding was 15/10/2011 ..... and my hairdresser, makeup artist (one person) has not arrived in the morning and I had to urgently look for other professionals. Thank you very much once again for what you have not given up and come together with Olga (make-up) in the morning and save!! (I am not afraid of the word) in the literal sense of my wedding! I do not know what would do if it were not for you ....... All the guests really liked the hair and make-up! You will not see me before the wedding and did not discuss hairstyles, did their job at 100% stunning! Sorry to just now write, we recently gave pictures. And I am sending you a couple! I wish you good health, good clients (that would not spoil the nerves), and vigor! Best wishes, Svetlana.


Olga, thank you so much for my wedding hair! All knew, all had taken into account)) showed imagination and did something that really suits me! Was not anyone like and what I was incredibly comfortable all day! And importantly, her hair was pretty easy to disassemble, hair comb was real, I am very happy! prof.fotok wait and be sure to throw off!


Olga, thank you very much for your hair. You are wonderful.
I wish all the brides to have a master who can understand, listen and listen to the client.


Olga zdravstuyte!'s Decided to send you your job)))))))))))) I really liked it, thanks again, maybe someone else will like this hairstyle))))))))) ))


Olga, Hello! I am very grateful to you for the beautiful, delicate, fine hair, all the guests very much. I will recommend you to friends. I am sending you a photo.
Many, many thanks again :)


Hello, Olga. Sending your wedding photos. I express my gratitude for your work. With your hair, I looked stunning, so guests have said. Thank you.
Sincerely, Tanya


Olga, thank you very much! Hair was just super and held until the evening. Even then it was a pity to dismiss)))


Good afternoon, Olga! Everyone really liked my haircut! Thank you very much for your work.
With uv.Sveta!


Good evening, Olga! I am sending you a photo. Thank you for the wonderful image!!
Sincerely, Elizabeth.


Olga, thank you very much for the hair and for its quality!! All of me was ecstatic. In the video itself saw and did not regret that you chose Valeria. Olga, you are done! Until next time! =)


Olga, Hello! Once again I want to thank you for the wonderful job! Sending a couple of pictures.
Yours, Anne


Dear Olga!! Take from me the most thank you so much for a stunning haircut from me, no one could tear my eyes. Know you have a golden handle.
Julia, the wedding was 10/09/10.


Olga, good evening! This is Olga. I hope you remember me - 05/28/10 wedding. Sorry I took so long to send you the pictures of your work, just after the wedding, we immediately left for the trip. And then returned, and all hands are not reached. First, I really want to thank you for the wonderful job. I am so pleased with hair that you've done that I can not get enough of, and admire the photos. Every time I review photos taken from different angles, I find something new, some new zhlement this hairstyle. It is, as for me so complicated that it can be like a puzzle, solve for a long time. but did not understand :) keep the whole day and would be held, probably, a week, if I did not untwist it. Flowers, incidentally, also held out great. The whole day was fresh and beautiful. Only 10 hours to have a little wilted, but it was not noticeable. Once I have them unwound from skotka, disconnect from the studs, and put in vazochu - and they come to life! a week after the wedding were. They were freesia - say they are better without water. Olga, I'm so glad that you found! You are a master! And with this talent, you remain a humble girl. Keep it up! I am sure that you have a bright future. Your skill speaks for itself - all my friends and family very much hair in the photo, as well as me. Thank you very much once again! I hope I'll see you. I will recommend you very own friends.
Good luck and all the best.


Very, very beautiful and not the usual classic and very stylish and elegant hairstyles. Keep it up! Always will return to you with a suitable case! Accidentally found your site, Oksana


Dear Olga!! I am very, very grateful to you for my beautiful wedding hairstyle (June 19, 2010). Lot of compliments and thank YOU!!


Olga! Thank you very much for your beautiful hair, I was witness to the most beautiful :))) turned out just gorgeous, you - Sorceress! I look at pictures and wonder how you could make such beauty in just 1:00! Be sure to invite the creation of hair on my wedding! :))))


Hello, Olga! Once again, thank you very much for your excellent work, all the hair is very pleased (especially to me the most). Behaved well, even the next day it remained virtually unchanged, and figured out very easily. Send you pictures, sorry for the many charges.
Sincerely, Victoria.


My friends and I took advantage of your art, Olga. It's a miracle. Highest level of professionalism and intelligence. We are very grateful to you and all your friends you will recommend. The words of gratitude, I say to you in person, and I write this because of such a master like you need to know more people. You Olga, bring joy to people.
Thank you very much.


Hello Olga. My wedding was on September 5. Once again I want to thank you for your hairstyle. Everything was exactly as I wanted. Everyone, especially the groom, very much. I will recommend you to all. Photos, unfortunately, not yet. Will post as soon as budut.Nevesta, now wife, Anastasia



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